Evelyn Pham

Fort Oglethorpe, GA

Georgia State University

"Although this was not my first time collaborating on a project that mixed illustration with text, I mainly worked in graphic design-related elements. It was interesting to delve into a project that was much more specific in its content. A few things were unfamiliar to me, such as attempting to make the story visually interesting while staying as close as possible to the text's literal meaning. I had to constantly keep in mind the purpose of the book, which is to aid Spanish-speaking students. Overall, the experience was very enlightening, and I imagine that I will be much more prepared the next time I encounter this kind of project."

I am a Temple/Atlanta-based artist who has been dipping into the digital aspects of art. My original goal of using traditional mediums for personal self-expression has morphed into a desire to use graphic design to help others express themselves. This desire manifested as I helped design three published yearbooks throughout high school, becoming one of three head editors in my senior year. Trying to accurately represent people’s stories with artistic motifs sparked my interest in how elements of design could be used to influence thought and emotion. Although my accomplishments are not numerous, I hope to create more as I move forward as an artist.