Molly Pass


Georgia State University

"I'm very proud of how this story came together. I love an underdog story, so I thought that making a book about self-acceptance and finding confidence despite bullying would be really powerful! Being unique and staying true to yourself despite what others think is super important, and I wanted to empower kids and new language learners alike with that theme! I have to give a ton of credit to my illustrator Evelyn Pham, who brought my ideas to life in the most adorable way! Entry "

Hi! I'm Molly Pass, a Film and Media major at GSU. I'm passionate about many, many things and language learning is one of them! My minor is Spanish, and I believe that becoming bilingual is going to help me immensely in the multiple career fields that I'm stepping into post-graduation. I'm an actress, acting coach, social media manager, and wedding videographer based in Atlanta, and telling stories is what I do!